Tar and Chip Paving Dundalk MD

At Dundalk Paving, we have spent years offering our clients the best quality asphalt paving, but we also specialize in a variety of other services. One of those services is tar and chip paving. When you are searching for tar and chip driveway contractors near me, you can confidently choose our dedicated paving contractors. We help people, both commercial and residential clients, decide if tar and chip paving is right for them. That process involves helping them determine if their property is a good fit for this solution and what they can expect from our service. Get a free quote for our tar and chip paving services by contacting our dedicated team today.  

Professional Tar and Chip Paving in Dundalk MD  

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Our professional tar and chip paving services are designed to support your vision for your property. Our tar and chip contractors are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, which ensures the protection of your property. Tar and chip is a particularly popular solution for residential driveways. Those driveways can be short and direct or lengthy. 

 Regardless of the size of your driveway, we strive to make sure that our services fully encompass your property from top to bottom. So, when you need a tar and chip driveway, you can choose us.  

Tar and chip is also a great solution if you have a roadway that is currently dirt or gravel that you would like to change to something more attractive and long-lasting. We have recommended it as a solution for both commercial and residential clients who are looking for a fast and easy paving solution without the cost of more expensive options. Let us analyze your property to see precisely if tar and chip is the right service for you.  

What are Tar and Chip Paving? 

Tar and chip paving, which is also known as chip sealing, is similar to asphalt in many ways, but it is a combination of both hot liquid asphalt cement, and liquid hot tar, then gravel is added over top to create a binding effect. However, dissimilar to asphalt, tar and chip is delivered in separate batches and applied accordingly.  

As a paving solution, tar and chip have been used for over 100 years. It can be used to resurface roadways, residential driveways, parking lots, or any other solution. It is a great way to maximize your property and it creates a high quality effect.  

Once we do the prep work for your property, we use our distributor truck to lay down the combination of ingredients to give you the quality affect you are looking for.  

Benefits of Tar and Chip Paving Solutions  

Whether you are looking for a tar and chip road or a driveway, Dundalk Paving can help. Tar and chip provides multiple benefits including natural beauty, low to no maintenance, improved traction, cost effective, and is far more convenient than other solutions. 

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When you are ready to hire a tar and chip contractor near me in Dundalk MD, give us a call. We will provide a free estimate for your property.

Dundalk Paving can also help with snow removal services during the cold winter months.