How to Find the Best Paving Contractor in Your Area

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Did you know that the asphalt industry recycles asphalt at a rate of 99%? Yup!

That means that if you are considering installing asphalt paving, you are actually choosing a highly sustainable paving option. The other great thing about asphalt is that it is incredibly long lasting.

According to research, asphalt paving decreases in its condition by only 40% during the first 75% of its lifetime. Which can be as long as up to 20 years. 

But there is one thing to beware of when it comes to asphalt installations, and that is an unreliable paving contractor. Getting asphalt put down is a serious job, and you can’t afford to be lumped with an irresponsible contractor that leaves you in the lurch, does a bad job, or worse yet ends up costing you extra money.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways that you can weed out the bad from the good. So that you can be sure you are hiring the best paving company in town. Read on to find out what these are. 

Shop Around

When on the hunt for asphalt paving services, the very first thing to do is shop around and compare asphalt and pavement contractors. 

A great place to start is by asking friends, family, and co-workers, or anyone else that you know and trust, if they have any recommendations. You can also hunt around online and compare reviews. 

Check If Contractors Are Listed With the Better Business Bureau

Once you have a few potential asphalt contractors lined up, it’s time to start digging deeper. One of the first things you can check is whether or not potential contractors are registered with the Better Business Bureau.

If they are, this is a good sign!

Ask About Licenses

Next up, ask all candidates about licenses. Any company that cannot prove that they hold a license should be avoided at all costs because they are operating illegally. 

Ask About Insurance Coverage

The other big question to pop is about insurance. Find out what types of insurance policies they have and ask to see proof of this if you have any doubts.

Ideally, a good paving contractor should have general liability insurance, vehicle liability insurance, an umbrella policy, and workers compensation. The minimum coverage per policy should be $500,000, but something in the line of up to $2 million is even better.

Inquire About the Grades of Asphalt They Use

Another key question to ask is what grades of asphalt do each potential company use? This is because recycled asphalt goes into new batches of asphalt. Batches of asphalt that have a higher percentage of new asphalt will be longer lasting than grades with a high percentage of recycled asphalt. 

Find out What the Warranty Is

Another important question to ask is what warranty does each company give on the finished product? 

Going with a company that gives a good warranty is vital because that way you will be assured of a high-quality job. 

How Big Is the Team?

Another great question to ask asphalt contractors that you are screening is how large is their team? An ideal sized team for a paving job generally consists of between five to eight people. 

If the team is smaller than this, you might want to be wary. Asphalt dries pretty fast, so it is important that there are enough people on the job to keep things moving. Also, paving companies that are not using enough people for each job are likely new in the market and not very experienced. 

Don’t Hire Contractors Who Pave by Hand

Asphalt paving machines do a better job than a team can do paving by hand. The results are a lot neater, and if any contractor is saying that they can pave by hand as well as a machine, be wary of them. Asphalt paving machines are very costly, which is why some paving companies choose to get away with paving by hand.

Speaking of machinery — if you get a chance while you are at the premises of a contractor, take a look at their paving machinery. If it is old and run down looking, this is another thing to be wary of. Old machinery that is not well maintained could break down during your job, which would compromise the quality of the final product and set back the job with delays. 

You Shouldn’t Have to Pay a Down Payment

Most paving contractors should be large enough in scale not to require a down payment from you unless your job falls above $10,000 total. If this is the case, then you might want to reconsider using whichever company is demanding a down payment. The majority of reputable asphalt laying companies have lines of credit with material suppliers. 

Don’t Use a Company That Promises an Immediate Start

If a paving company is any good, the chances are they are will have a number of jobs lined up. So, if a paving contractor is giving you a start date that is a few weeks off, don’t take this as a bad sign. On the contrary, a company that says they can start tomorrow obviously has no business and no current projects.

Get a Contract in Writing

And lastly, once you have settled on the right contractor, be sure to get a contract for the job from them in writing. And before you sign the document, make sure that it includes specifics on the following:

  • Total cost
  • Payment terms
  • Project details, such as area and asphalt thickness
  • The coverage of the warranty
  • Terms and conditions of the contract

If there is anything at all that you feel unsure about, always clarify before signing.

Now You Know How to Find a Great Paving Contractor

When it comes to getting your asphalt project done, don’t take a shot in the dark and risk being ripped off by an unethical or unreliable paving contractor. Instead, go through this list of tips in your search, and be assured that the company you choose operates to high standards. 

If you are in the Dundalk area, be sure to contact us for an estimate on any asphalt paving work. 

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