Local & Top Rated Residential and Commercial Paving in Dundalk MD

At Dundalk Paving, we are proud to deliver high quality asphalt and paving services throughout the area. We are locally owned and operated and offer top rated residential and commercial paving solutions that work. Whether you need your driveway paved or a parking lot for a commercial business, we have your best interests at heart. You no longer have to look for driveway paving companies near me in Dundalk. Instead, you can stop the search and choose our paving company.

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We understand that costs can go high with asphalt paving solutions. That’s why we take our time to offer free and low-cost paving solutions when possible. Our free paving estimate is one of the perfect examples of this. Paving contractors from our team will come out to your residential or commercial property to see what needs to be done. Then, we’ll provide you with a free estimate that represents those services.

Top Rated Paving Solutions

For years, we have delivered top rated paving services throughout the area. Our dedication to offering our clients premium service has earned us a positive reputation with our commercial and residential clients. If you need the best paving solutions, turn to our company.

Commercial and Residential Paving Services

Our commercial and residential paving services include driveway installations, parking lot paving, asphalt repairs, tar and chip paving, concrete contractor work and snow removal services. When you need a professional paving company to manage your property, give us a call.

High quality, skilled, and seasoned, our paving company stays dedicated to providing long-term results at a cost-effective price point. We hope that you will reach out to our professional asphalt paving company for all your paving, concrete, and tar and chip solutions in the area.

Driveway Paving and Resurfacing in Dundalk, MD

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Parking Lot Paving and Resurfacing in Dundalk, MD

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Parking Lot Repairs and Sealcoating in Dundalk, MD

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Proudly Offering Parking Lot Paving in Dundalk MD

That’s right, we also provide professional parking lot paving solutions. We use the best asphalt mixes and strategies to ensure your parking lot looks its best today and well into the future. Our paving contractors are experienced, skilled, and professional. They will arrive on time and create as little disturbance as possible for your business and clients.

Parking Lot Resurfacing Service

Does your parking lot look aged and damaged? If so, it could be time to invest in our parking lot resurfacing services. At Dundalk Paving, we specialize in high quality parking lot resurfacing services that you can count on. Our commitment to keeping your parking lot in top-tier condition is second to none.

Parking Lot Paving Repairs

Parking lot repairs are another service we provide. Parking lot repairs include everything from fixing potholes, speed bumps, and large cracking. We take our repair services seriously, and when you choose us you won’t have to worry about issues popping up unexpectedly. We’ll be there when you need us.

Maintenance and Sealcoating for Your Parking Lot

Parking lot maintenance services are one of our specialties. Maintenance includes sealcoating the surface of your parking lot to give it a nice polished finish. It also includes cleaning and repainting your parking lot markings when needed. Give us a call to learn more about our parking lot maintenance services.

Our parking lot asphalt paving solutions are ideal for large scale retailers such as mall owners, retail shops, dealerships etc., as well as smaller businesses such as one-off shopping centers, apartment complexes, or municipal areas. Reach out to the Dundalk Paving team for a free estimate for your parking lot paving services.

Residential Driveway Paving in Dundalk MD including Installation, Resurfacing, and General Asphalt

Your residential asphalt paving relies on a dedicated team of professional residential paving contractors to make sure your property looks its best. At Dundalk Paving, we are proud to help homeowners achieve a more attractive greeting mat to their property. We help you make your property more presentable and more valuable. If you are in need of support for your driveway paving needs, reach out to our paving company.

Driveway Paving Resurfacing Solutions

If you have a driveway that has been aging and could use some extensive repairs to the surface, we can help. Our driveway paving resurfacing solutions are designed to repair your driveway without paying to have it repaved. Contact us to learn more.

Driveway Asphalt Installations

We also provide high quality driveway asphalt installations. If you are about to build a new driveway for a new property or if you are looking to turning a gravel driveway into an asphalt driveway. We are ready to improve your home with a high quality driveway asphalt installation.

Free Driveway Asphalt Estimate

If you have a driveway that could use asphalt repairs, a brand new installation, or maintenance services, Dundalk Paving is happy to help. Our professionals have spent years perfecting our paving solutions to ensure that we are the best in the area. Whether you need a few helpful tips to maintain your asphalt or if you could use our company to perform those driveway repairs, you can confidently call our team for a free driveway asphalt estimate.

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Dundalk Paving is a locally owned and operated concrete and asphalt paving company. We proudly serve the entire Dundalk MD area and would be honored to be your new asphalt paving company. You can also contact us for snow removal, concrete work, and tar and chip work. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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